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Blind Dog and Her Guide Dog Need a Home


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Tinker almost didn’t make it past a few weeks old. Unwanted because she was blind, Tinker got a second chance that led to a special bond with another dog named Gigi, who took on the role as Tinker’s guide dog. Now Tinker and Gigi’s elderly owner is living in a nursing home and the pair is in need of a good home that can take them both.

Three years ago Tinker was born blind. Her breeder took her to the vet intending to have her put down because she wouldn’t sell, but the vet gave Tinker a second chance. Her vet found Tinker a home with an elderly woman who was happy to adopt her.

The woman also adopted another dog named Gigi, who quickly bonded with Tinker and started helping Tinker get around.

“From the time she was a tiny puppy, Gigi started being a guide dog for Tinker,” said Eva Reynolds of Lara’s House Animal Shelter. “And she would pick a toy and go touch Tinker’s face with it and they would play with the toy together. When they were out in the yard if Tinker got lost she would stick her nose up in the air and yip, and Gigi would come get her, touch her shoulder and guide her back to the house. Tinker is pretty bossy to Gigi, but Gigi loves it! To train herself to be a guide dog and be totally devoted? It’s amazing.”

The pair are so bonded they can’t be separated and unfortunately for the past year they have lived in a shelter in Mexia, Texas waiting for the perfect new home. Their previous owner had to go into a nursing home and was unable to take them with her.

For more information about the pair visit the Lara’s House Animal Shelter’s website.