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Blind Dog Helps Deliver Packages


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mollyAt the Goin’ Postal shipment center in Centralia, Washington everyone’s favorite employee has four legs. Molly, a blind black lab, helps out at the store. She interacts with customers and helping to deliver their packages.

On Molly’s day off business is slow at Goin’ Postal. Owner Tom Taylor says it’s because his customers know Molly isn’t there.

“99 percent of the people when they come through the door, they know Molly’s name and they don’t have a clue who I am except for Molly’s dad,” said Taylor.

Molly takes envelopes from customers and brings them the clipboard to sign for packages. Her tasks used to be much easier for her to achieve, but four years ago she began losing her sight. It was then that the sight in one of her eyes went. Only a few months ago she went completely blind due to Glaucoma.

“I really thought her going blind was gonna be very traumatic for her and I honestly think she’s handled it better than I have,’ said Taylor.

Molly still manages to maneuver around the store pretty well, though there are a few bumps along the way. Taylor is working on scent training Molly so she will bump into things less. Despite her new obstacle though Molly is still dedicated to and enjoys helping out at the store.