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Blind Pup Guided and Protected by His Father


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FREE FOR PR USE: Lucky, a border terrier from Glasgow who lives a happy life with the help of his friend Scruff.Scruff and Lucky are a special father and son. Lucky is Scruff’s two-year-old pup that was born without retinas. Scruff has become a doting father that barely leaves his son’s side, acting as Lucky’s guide and protector.

Lucky has been blind since birth. He was born without retinas. Lucky’s owner Jim Leonard went to great lengths to try to make life better for the blind pup.

“Lucky was blind from birth and it seemed like he was always running or knocking into something and hurting himself. We were really worried about how he was going to cope,” said Leonard.

So Leonard discussed with his vet what he could do to help Lucky. Leonard began wearing bells on his pants and putting scents by things that were dangerous to Lucky so he could learn to recognize them to know not to go there.

The greatest help to Lucky though has been his father Scruff.

“We started to take Lucky and Scruff on walks together and it was amazing to see Scruff starting to take charge, looking after Lucky and checking he was okay,” said Leonard. “Now Scruff licks him on the face and guides him where to go. If they are separated for a little while, Scruff will rush over to Lucky and lick him as if to say ‘sorry I had to leave you’.”