Blinded by Robber, Injured K9 Will Regain Sight In One Eye

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A Montgomery, Alabama police K-9 was not expected to survive after being wounded by three gun shots to the face, but veterinarians say that Bodi will recover – and that he will regain the use of his remaining eye.

The dog was wounded in the line of duty on Wednesday while attempting to apprehend an armed robbery suspect. He was blinded in one eye and was thought to have lost sight in the other after three shots fired in close proximity tore into his skull. Veterinarians removed his left eye, and say that they were pleasantly surprised to learn that he would regain vision in the right eye. Full recovery is expected to take two weeks.

Bodi will remain in the care of  vets until early next week, when he will go home to live with his handler. The 11-year-old German Shepherd will be honorably retired. The Montgomery Police Department is covering Bodi’s medical bills, but they are accepting donations from anyone wishing to help with Bodi’s veterinary expenses. Visit their website for contact information.

Sadly, at the time of the shooting, Bodi was only three weeks away from retirement.

4 thoughts on “Blinded by Robber, Injured K9 Will Regain Sight In One Eye”

  1. Oh this is so sad. I hope that the criminal responsible for Bodi’s injuries gets a really long prison sentence. He should because he injured an officer while in the act of committing another crime.
    Get well soon Bodi and enjoy retirement. You deserve a long rest and a happy and peaceful life.

  2. Another brave warrior – he sure did his job and may have saved the life of an officer. He has certainly earned his retirement. At 11, I hope he has at least a few more years left to enjoy it.

  3. I am glad to hear that Bodi will retain his sight.. I believe that crimes against police animals should be treated as crimes against human officers, and I hope that someday laws will reflect the high regard these animals deserve – enjoy a long retirement, Bodi!

    • Police dogs ARE treated just like the other officers. Harming one is the same as harming any of the guys in my department.


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