Bobby, a Gentle Soul, Moves into Sunrise of Weston

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Bobby and Kristine Taylor, Executive Director of Sunrise of Weston.

In Weston, MA, Bobby brings smiles and comfort to the residents of the Sunrise of Weston senior community.  Bobby, a big loveable lug, was initially found in Puerto Rick, sick, alone, and living under an abandoned car. Thanks to some kind-hearted people, Bobby received emergency surgery and made his way to the Boston area where he was put up for adoption.

Kristine Taylor, executive director of Sunrise of Weston, visited the shelter looking for a dog for the community to adopt. She went to the shelter to see another dog but Bobby caught her eye. Bobby headed to his new home that day and his new life began.

The residents of the community have taken full responsibility for Bobby’s care, going to his vet visits with him, walking him, and loving him. Bobby does his part in caring for the residents; he comforts them and loves them back. Pets are known to provide health benefits to people such as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and living with and loving Bobby has proven beneficial to the residents.

Kristine sums it up, “We are lucky enough to have him living here with us, under our roof, helping our residents see the joy in every day. In the beginning, we felt like we were the ones doing the rescuing but, as time goes by, we realize we are truly the lucky ones.  One year after Bobby has come to live with us, we find ourselves wondering who rescued who?”