Kabang is Getting a New Nose

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Kabang, a hero dog in the Phillipines, will be getting a new nose soon! photo by Alvin Sabay

Kabang is a hero to two little girls, in Zamboanga City in the Phillipines. Dina Bunggal, 11 and her cousin, Princess Diansing, just 3 years old, owe much to Kabang. They had stepped into the path of a speeding motorcycle, unaware of the danger they were in, when out of nowhere Kabang, the Bunggal’s family dog, threw herself into the mix. Her head got tangled in the front wheel and her nose and upper snout were crushed and torn off in the spokes. Kabang saved the two little girls.

Kabang is a hero to the locals for saving two little girls. Photo by Alvin Sabay

It was suggested to the Bunggals that they put Kabang to sleep but they refused. “It does not matter if she’s ugly now. What is important to us is she saved our children and we cannot thank her enough for that,” said Rudy Bunggal, Dina’s father.

Kabang’s reconstructive surgery, available only in the US, is too expensive for the Bunggals, who only make about $3.50 a day but thanks to all the donations, Kabang will get the $20,000 surgery she needs.

Thanks to several organizations, including the Animal Welfare Coalition, Kabang will be flown to the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at the University of California in Davis for her surgery. “The more time that goes by, the more Kabang is at risk of infection. Fungal infections can be especially difficult to eradicate and any infection in the bone can be a lengthy process to treat at best. Her chances are better the sooner she can get those wounds closed,” Karen Kenngott, the US coordinator for Animal Welfare Coalition.

Kabang recently gave birth to 6 puppies and is in the custody of the Animal Welfare Coalition.

9 thoughts on “Kabang is Getting a New Nose”

  1. Oh finally! I shared this photo on your page the time i saw the news about this hero dog but i did not get any feedback so i thought you did not see it. Thanks anyway even though you did not see my post 🙂

  2. Does that person who made fun of this dog( missing part/most of it’s jaw and nose realize that the dog cannot eat properly? and that dogs actually have a sense of ‘well being’? They know when people are making fun and pointing at them in disgust? How would that person who made fun of the dog like it if he had to live out the remaining days of his life that way!! What is wring with people like him? I just shake my head in bewilderment that some people could be that cruel and uncaring. Just so sad, that a wonderful dog like this has to be ridiculed! how ca a person be so callused?

    • Thank you Karen for taking notice. I agree completely. I do not understand how people can be so insensitive and heartless. If he was missing the bottom half of his jaw, there is not a person out there that would help him, he doesn’t deserve it. To all of those who are good and caring to others, it does come back. Good things do happen, whether you have to try to see the bright side or its plain as day, there is always a bright side, always a positive side to life, and always a reason to share all the love you have with those that love you too. This dog is a hero!!

  3. What a wonderful story, my nurse told me of this story when I said that if I were I dog they would have put me down as I have just had my nose removed due to cancer! Amazing what they drs n vets can do to have a good quality of life. At the end of the day were still alive and it’s a life worth living! Fantastic how so many people have donated and been touched my this story x it has me x


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