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Bonded Indiana Sisters Need a Place to Call Home

by Melanie

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2.12.15 - Bonded Indiana Sisters Need a New Home1


Annie and Lillian are seven years old, and have spent their lives churning out puppies.  Their scissor-cropped ears show that they’ve had rough lives, but their smiles show that they haven’t let their past horrors keep them from being full of love.

According to Ann F Shatto:

Urgent rescue needed for bonded girls that have been through hell for their entire lives. Lillian and Annie are both pit bulls, about seven years old, great with people, kids, other dogs and even seem uninterested in cats!

These girls were found as strays and were extremely skinny, they have had countless litters of puppies.  They both have scissor cut ears, and Lillian has lived her life with entropion [eyelids folded in on themselves, allowing lashes to scratch the surface of the corneas], so her poor eyes have hurt forever. She also has a painful foreign body abscess in her foot.

Annie is a little pocket pittie that is only shin-tall. They have obviously been used as puppy machines with no thought for care ever. It is amazing how completely wonderful they are after how they have been treated.

Rumor has it that the ladies will be on their way to Miami Valley Pit Crew soon, so anyone who is interested in giving these girls a home should email [email protected] for more information.