Bonded Pair Left Orphaned Now Waiting for a New Home

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4.17.15 - Dogs Whose Dad Died Need a New Home1


This plea comes from Chelse Nye:

Hello friends!  I need your help! I am trying to re-home two boys who lost their loving owner last month – these two boys were like his children.  They must find good homes ASAP.

The home they are staying in will be sold within a few weeks – we are running out of time.  Please share this post or contact me if you are interested in giving these boys their new forever home.

Perfect situation: both dogs to find a new home together – they have both been through a lot.

Recon: 7-8 years old, up to date on vaccines, neutered, good with most other dogs, no cats, good with children, knows simple commands (sit, down & shake).  Manners need to be worked on overall. Very strong dog, approximately 70 pounds, chocolate colored, dry food diet, loves to be close, loves attention, needs someone who has time to spend with him and working with his manners.


4.17.15 - Dogs Whose Dad Died Need a New Home3


Murdoch: 5-6 years old, not current on vaccines (but will be before going to a new home) neutered, not good with other dogs (other than Re, he had no socialization), no cats, leash aggression, good with children, knows simple commands, light chocolate colored. Approximately 100 pounds, would do best on a one-level home, very strong dog, dry food diet, loves to be close and loves attention.

Any other questions – please message me and I will provide more details. I check my “other” folder frequently and will respond.

If you would like more information or are interested in adopting Recon and Murdoch, please contact Chelse at [email protected] or on her Facebook page.

44 thoughts on “Bonded Pair Left Orphaned Now Waiting for a New Home”

  1. Sure hope someone will take these 2 sweeties together in a good safe home !!! If I were handier I would take them.

    • The article has the ladies email account and her FB page. She states any questions to contact her. I don’t have FB so I can’t even view her page but I am going to email her to ask some questions.

      • If you do decide to take them Ms. Philly – please don’t be put off by Murdoch’s dog aggression. I have 2 dogs as well, one dog aggressive. My rescue is dog aggressive, but is the sweetest baby to humans. Has never in 2 years showed any aggression towards humans. It is work, but worth it. He loves my dog, but no cats and no other dogs. We do walk him daily but avoid cats and dogs. Other than that – he is a perfect dog.

        Murdoch would be worth it and with training I’m sure they will both be worth it!

  2. This is so sad….I often wonder what will happen to my 3, even though I plan on leaving very clear instructions & wishes


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