Book Giveaway: Angelic Tails


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Are Angels Dogs? You Decide…

Barbara Johnson took a shortcut home one night through an unlit park. As she walked, Barbara had an eerie feeling she was being watched. Her heart pounded as she saw the glow of lit cigarettes bob in the shadows. Suddenly, a large Alsatian dog appeared at her side. The police used this breed as guard dogs, and Barbara was terrified. “Go away, dog!” she cried and tried to shoo it away. “Go away now!”

But the dog simply trotted next to her as if it belonged, like an obedient protector. Walking briskly with the dog, Barbara finally arrived at a well-lit street. She glanced down the street. When she looked back, the dog was gone.

Back at the hospital where Barbara worked, fellow nurses recounted horror stories of crimes from that park. Barbara realized she was lucky to be unscathed. “Suddenly I was filled with a sense of guardian angels, and I knew without question that the dog had been mine,” Barbara says. “There was just no other explanation for his arrival, his behavior, and his sudden disappearance.” The question formed in her mind, “Are angels dogs?”

Barbara’s story served as inspiration for angel writer Joan Wester Anderson, who wrote about the link between canines and angels in her latest book, “Angelic Tails.” The book is an inspiring collection of 30 true stories from ordinary people who experienced God’s extraordinary grace through heavenly canine companions. The stories from “Angelic Tails” challenge readers to reconsider their conception of angels—from a dog saving a family in a snowstorm to the mysterious Alsatian protecting Barbara—and see that God can use even muddy paws and cold noses to fulfill his purposes.


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If you want to read more tales, and to see pictures of these divine pooches, check out the free chapters on the Angelic Tails Facebook page and ask yourself, “Are angels dogs?”  To learn more about the author, please visit Joan Wester Anderson’s website. And for a limited time, autographed copies are available online at Loyola Press, or the book can be purchased at

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