Making a Difference: Photographer With a Focus on Rescue

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What would possess a psychotherapist in private practice to change careers & become a pet photographer? Maybe the message on Robyn Arouty’s website will give you a clue: “I wear a lot of hats. But animal advocate is the largest. I am proud of this hat and keep it in a cherished place.  There are times I have the good fortune to share my knowledge with others…I take it, throw it out to the universe, and pray it circles the planet. This is one of those times…”

“I will never forget the first day I volunteered at an animal shelter in Houston. I cried walking through the wards where the animals were held…4 big rooms, concrete floors, metal bars, sad eyes watching me…some tails wagging with excitement, others with tails held between their legs, cowering with fear. This was a reality I never wanted to see, and a reality that haunts me daily. I snuck around snapping photos with my cell phone, my friends and family would surely not believe what I saw.”

“This is why I am a photographer.”

That first visit was about two years ago: since then, Robyn has been on the fast track to helping homeless dogs in need. She teamed up with a local magazine to feature her photos of adoptable cats and dogs. The photos got noticed and pretty soon she was being asked to do portraits of people with their pets several times a week. Robyn had no plans to start a business, but in a matter of months that is exactly what happened. She feels her psychology experience has been most helpful in getting clients to feel comfortable in front of the lens.

Robyn’s most recent endeavor is called POCKETSHOTS. It is a fundraising event that she does 2-3 times a month in her studio. People come in with their dogs/cats/kids for 30 minute photo sessions and 1/2 of the sitting fee goes to the rescue or animal welfare organization that is benefitting that day. She works from 8am to 8pm to maximize the donations & has raised $1,000’s to date. POCKETSHOTS events are now scheduled through the end of the year, and they are already booking for 2012.

To read more about POCKETSHOTS, visit Robyn on Facebook: or on her website here:

28 thoughts on “Making a Difference: Photographer With a Focus on Rescue”

  1. As a retired psychotherapist and dedicated animal rescue person, I envy Robyn’s decision to capture the hearts and souls of these animals with her camera. I used pets in my practice with my trauma clients and they were sometimes more effective that I was at gaining the trust of new clients. The photos of these animals are fabulous and I hope Robyn can make a living with her photography while doing a job that usually pays with gratitude and satisfaction rather than something you can take to the bank. Keep those photos coming!!

    Monica Derr

    • This is a beautiful spirited animal….I have an American Bulldog…and he is always smiling!!! Why is it – if you are in need of something… just happens your way??!!Thanks for the Inspiration…….great site, too!


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