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Book Giveaway: The Lost Dogs


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Good and bad news today.

There has been substantial online buzz about Jim Gorant’s new book, The Lost Dogs. We were scheduled to post a review today, but in the bad news department, a shipping snag has delayed that by a week or so. Instead, I’ll refer you to a list of glowing reviews on Gorant’s site. This looks to be one of those books that should be on every dog lover’s list.

The good news: Review or no, we’re here to make sure one of you will have a chance to read it for yourself. As always, our giveaways are easy, and only e-mail subscribers are eligible. So how do you enter? Go find today’s daily digest e-mail from Life With Dogs in your inbox. Hit the reply button, type “enter me” in the subject, send and you’re done. will be used to select a random lucky reader, who will be notified by e-mail. Not a subscriber? Fix that in five seconds here. We have giveaways planned for every week of the year, so the sooner you get on our e-mail list, the better your chances of taking home great freebies on us.

I”m sure one of you will be thrilled to read¬† The Lost Dogs – so what are you waiting For? Go check your e-mail…and good luck!

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