Boomer’s Journey

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Rescued from the squalor of a Mississippi puppy mill, Boomer’s is the quintessential tale of salvation. When pulled from the garage he was trapped in he was nearly unrecognizable – urine and feces had matted his fur to the point that it was painful for him to move. Boomer was just one of more than 100 dogs confiscated from Sea Breeze Kennels in Carriere, MS after complaints from local residents prompted the raid.

Betsey McFarland documents his rescue and recovery in this new video from the HSUS, and if you’re anything like this dog lover, you’ll be thrilled to know that Boomer is safe, is loved, and has found his forever home.


For a better understanding of the horror Boomer endured I’ve included the original video released just after the raid.

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12 thoughts on “Boomer’s Journey”

  1. WOW this is a very inspiring story! I am so happy for Boomer and all the other dogs that were saved that day.

  2. If ONLY people realized when they buy pets from pet stores and the like that they are supporting horrific situations like this one, maybe they’d re-think their choices and ADOPT – NOT SHOP! Many people have no idea that these kinds of things happen all the time – or that many, many of the animals in rescues and shelters – some high kill – are pure bred dogs. ADOPT – DON’T SHOP!!!!

  3. Hell is about the only word that describes these conditions. This footage needs to be shown in schools, in the waiting areas of veterinary clinics, anywhere there is public access, to make sure the dirty truth about puppy mills really gets out. Only diseased minds can create such conditions and think it’s ok.

  4. I am so glad Boomer has a wonderful home now. It made me crying watching this video and seeing these animals living in such terrible conditions. How can people do this. But, I am thankful for the people that saved these dogs and so they can have a better life.


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