Through a Dog’s Ear: Music for Pooches

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What if you could affect your dog’s behavior and emotions with aural therapy? Does the idea of popping in a CD and watching your stressed out pet relax sound enticing?That’s exactly what the folks at Through a Dog’s Ear would like you to try. An innovative product, the clinically researched series is intended to calm dogs, and in many cases, reduce anxiety.

Skeptical? So was I, but now you’ll have a chance to sample it for yourself to see how your dogs react. I just finished downloading a free track, but it’s too late to give it a spin without waking the entire house, so we’ll try it in the coming days and report back. But there is no need to wait on a review from us – I’ll tell you shortly how you can try a few free tracks for yourself.

The music of Through a Dog’s Ear builds on the ground breaking psychoacoustic research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001). Known as the “Einstein of the ear,” Tomatis discovered the extraordinary powers of sound as a “nutrient for the nervous system.” His therapeutic discoveries redefine modern psychoacoustics — the study of the effect of music and sound on the human nervous system.

These recordings are psychoacoustically designed to support you and your dog’s compromised immune or nervous system function. When the immune or nervous system is heavily taxed, a natural reaction is to self-limit the amount of auditory or visual stimulation coming into the system. However, the “nutrients” of sound are needed the most when life energy is at a low ebb or when neurodevelopmental (including sensory) issues are present. To facilitate maximum sound intake while conserving energy output, the method of simple sound has been created.

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I’ll let you know if we notice positive effects with Sola, our resident stress case. She’s highly reactive to sound, so if the music in these CD’s has any calming effect it will be great news for us. Want to try it for yourself and see if your dog could benefit from the music of Through a Dog’s Ear? You’re in luck because you can visit their site every day this week and download a free track.

A total of seven tracks will be available for download: a two day power outage in Vermont delayed this post by a day, so forgive me for shorting you a track. I have already downloaded Monday’s free track, so if any of you feel that you must have it, e-mail me and I’ll try to find a way to get a copy to you.    🙂

What is your take? Have you tried anything like this with your anxious dog? Those of us with stressed pets know that it is so difficult to watch our animals worry needlessly: imagine if the fix was simply tuning out. That would be beautiful music to these ears.

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