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Boxer Recovers From Worst Case of Starvation Seen At El Paso Shelter


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Texas authorities are searching for the person(s) responsible for the worst case of animal malnutrition the El Paso Humane Society has ever seen.The severely emaciated dog was dropped off Tuesday by a woman who claimed she found it wandering on Fort Bliss, but the shelter believes that the dog was intentionally starved.

Shelter employees have affectionately nicknamed the Boxer ‘Bones’. At a mere 22 pounds, he is half his normal weight. “The condition he is in did not happen overnight, it’s been progressing for about a month,” said Betty Hoover, the shelter’s executive director.

A number of factors point to intentional starvation, according to Hoover. The woman who dropped off Bones left a non-working number, and the dog is said to be very well socialized and essentially fearless.

“It makes me sick. It makes me very, very angry. I really hope that with the coverage this guy is getting in the news, maybe someone out there knows something about him,” said Hoover.

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The shelter says the prognosis for Bones is guarded but hopeful. Severe hydration and malnutrition have weakened the dog to the extent that they are nervous about even drawing a blood sample.For now the focus is weight gain and hydration.

Shelter manager Arthur Westbrook is distraught over the case. “It hurts. It hurts that somebody could do this to a dog so sweet, or to a dog, period. I mean dogs should never look like this ever. If you can’t take care of your dog, turn it in. We will find a home for it.”

Westbrook is fostering Bones while he recovers. If and when he does, he will be put up for adoption.  Anyone with information regarding his case is urged to contact the El Paso Humane Society at 915-532-6971.

See a video of Bones here.


Please note:  In a conversation with Betty Hoover yesterday I asked if donations would be needed to help cover the cost of treatment and recovery, and she admitted that his vet bills would likely be substantial when all is said and done. Please consider joining a Facebook page created in support of Bones and the El Paso Humane Society here: For the Love of Bones.