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Dog Survives 20 Days Buried in Tornado Rubble


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The Carthage Humane Society is caring for a miraculous survivor found huddled under tornado debris in Carthage, MO. The dog was discovered Saturday in a field near Diamond, after surviving three weeks buried in rubble from the deadly tornado that struck Joplin on May 22.

“It’s an incredible story,” said CHS Director Glenda Erwin. “I don’t believe that dog could have crawled into that debris from what the person who brought him in said.”

Erwin said a woman dropped the dog off and was in tears. She handed over the tiny survivor, wrapped in a towel, and left before anyone could get her name. Apparently the woman had heard crying near a pile of debris in a field a week ago but could not locate the source after it stopped.

When she returned to the same field Saturday, the crying resumed and was more urgent. The woman pulled debris from the wreckage until making her way down to the trapped dog.

A vet tech with the Carthage Humane Society notes that the dog is being treated for eye ulcers and grass that had embedded in its skin. The dog is also blind and deaf, and it is not known if those were preexisting conditions, or a result of injuries sustained.

Glenda Erwin said every effort will be made to find the dog’s owner. “We want to see if the owner is still out there,” Erwin said. “If we don’t find the owner in a week or so, we will put him up for adoption.”