Boy goes missing in the woods and is kept warm thanks to four puppies

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Kyle Camp, a 10-year-old boy with Down Syndrome, went missing on Tuesday afternoon from his Alabama home. After 18 hours of searching Kyle was found in the forest with four puppies piled on top of him keeping him warm.

Kyle was last seen watching television around four in the afternoon when he went missing. His family searched for him for a few hours before calling police for help. Soon over 150 people in the community were searching for the lost boy. Police believe Kyle may have followed the family dogs, leading him into the woods about a half mile away from him home.

Finally at 8:30 am on Wednesday morning family friend Jamie Swinney found Kyle with the help of the mother dog. Kyle was found shoe-less and shivering in a creek. He was surrounded by the four puppies. “Those puppies kept him company, they kept him warm and comfortable,” Swinney said. “We don’t know what would have happened to him had the puppies not been with him. And credit goes to the mother dog for leading me to the boy.” Swinney knew that if anyone could find the Kyle, it was the mother dog who was looking for her four puppies.

Kyle was taken to the hospital to be treated for minor scrapes and bruises and returned home on Thursday.

4 thoughts on “Boy goes missing in the woods and is kept warm thanks to four puppies”

    • Why so many thumbs down on both of these comments? The child was gone missing for 18 hours! The family must’ve not been aware of his exact whereabouts for at least a couple of hours… meaning, sat him in front of the TV and were doing their own thing. Hello!

  1. I feel sorry for the poor animals, these people can’t even take care of a kid!! Wonder how much they are taking care of a mama dogs and puppies. Please someone, take the kid and the animals AWAY, muey pronto!!!

  2. Please spay that momma dog! And neuter/spay the pups before find them really good homes. Don’t just give them away! They end up in horrible situations. Get a contract and visit the home.
    It is great that the pups kept this sweet child warm but truly puppies should not be out and about like that. So many dogs just running loose in the south. The kill rate in Alabama shelters is atrocious. And so many dogs don’t have Heartworm preventative. It’s like a third world country with street dogs for goodness sake.
    If you value that this dog saved this boy, then do what is best! Spay and neuter and give proper vet care and quality food (supermarket food is junk IMHO).


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