Boy reunited with his lost puppy

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One eight-year-old boy got an early Christmas present when he was reunited with his puppy Masen on Thursday night. Masen had disappeared over the weekend and after days of searching is finally back home with Tristen Ross.

When Tristen’s father deployed overseas for the third time, Alecia Ross noticed a big difference in her son. Alecia got Tristen a Dachshund puppy to help make him feel better. The two became best friends.  “I’ve just been a little happier than I’ve been since my dad’s left,” said Tristen.

This past Saturday Tristen and his mom let Masen out in their yard and moments later he had disappeared. The family searched everywhere for him and posted flyers all over the neighborhood.

Finally on Thursday morning they were contacted by Bethany Animal Welfare that Masen had been found. “I’m speechless because I’m surprised and I am so thankful,” said Alecia. “I prayed for this to happen and there it is.” Tristan is thankful for whoever found Masen and turned him into the shelter, making his Christmas a little bit brighter.

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  1. Tristen, I have no idea if you will ever see this or not, but I am very happy for you that Masen is back home with you, where he belongs. I guess it is true that everyonce in awhile Christmas wishs do come true.



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