Braces Help Dog Walk Again

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qunicyWhen Quincy developed a condition three months ago that made walking difficult for him, his owners were determined to help him and find a way to make walking possible again, no matter what the cost.

Joyce Clelland first fell in love with Quincy when her husband, Bob, brought him home as a puppy eight years ago. Three months ago Quincy developed a condition called abduction. It causes the dog’s feet to deviate which cause the dog to wobble. It was difficult for Clelland to watch.

“He’s our child,” said Joyce Clelland. “He’s our baby. You wouldn’t want to see your child not be able to walk or go through that.”

Clelland refused to give up on Quincy and spent weeks researching her options and found a company called My Pets Brace. The company creates orthotics and prosthetic leg braces for animals. Clelland had no idea that they could make braces for animals.

The quality of the braces from My Pets Brace impressed even Quincy’s vet, Dr. Bob Reich. In his 41 years as a vet he says he had never seen braces f this quality. Reich sent a mold of Quincy’s leg to the company and they followed up to make sure the dimensions were correct and to get all the information they could about Quincy.

Within two weeks the braces arrived and Quincy tried them out. There were be an adjustment period of several weeks as Quincy learns to use his new braces.

“It’s all about balance and comfort,” said Reich. “Kind of like wearing a new pair of shoes, you don’t want to get a blister on you heel.”

Quincy is already showing signs of improvement as he adjusts to the braces. The braces cost the Clellands $1,200, a price they are happy to pay for more time with Quincy