Firefighters Save Two Dogs from Drowning

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Yesterday, Spanish firefighters rescued two Canarian Warren Hound dogs from drowning in a retention pond. A resident of La Primavera called the local fire rescue station when she saw the dogs fighting for their lives.

130618 Podenco1
Photo Credit: La Provincia

According to a published report by La Provincia, the dogs suffered from hypothermia. They also attempted to climb the pond’s walls but weren’t successful.

The heroes in this story are the firefighters that came to the animals’ rescue as soon as the call for help came in. They are: Alberto Castellano Gabino Morales, Sergio Jover, Cristóbal Rivero, Francisco Tejera, Héctor Bolaños and Juanfran Medina.

“On these types of calls we work the same way as if we were rescuing a person,” said Medina. “One of the dogs was trying to climb the walls while the other one was swimming in the middle of the pond. As soon as we entered the water the dog that was swimming came straight to us.”

Firefighters don’t understand how the dogs ended up in the pond because the water reservoir is protected by a 6 foot wire fence. The rescuers had to jump the fence before rescuing the animals. The enclosure had not been vandalized and there were no cuts or openings along it for any person, let along the dogs, to access the pond.

The rescued canines, a female dog that is pregnant and a male dog, are now under the care of a local shelter. Both dogs are in good health and are available for adoption.