Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager

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Ginger pibbles Spartacus (the bigger one) and Loki duke it out to see who is the true branch manager.



5 thoughts on “Branch Manager and Assistant Branch Manager”

  1. This is a great clip of two handsome lads having a blast together with their stick – I love it !

    But the comments of the “lifewithdogs” contributor “Melanie S” on her youtube channel which you embed this clip from, are just awful, hateful and lain mean about people and Dogs, and do not show LWD in a good light, I think they tarnish LWD by association.

    The up-loader comes across as an “I-know-better-than-you”(because my degree if far more important that your lifetime of experience), racist, mental health denialing, military dog hating, elitist…. and this is how you represent LWD ?

    • I find it odd, Windswept, that you left a single sentence comment about the video about these adorable dogs, but you spent two paragraphs analyzing comments the uploader made on various Youtube videos having nothing to do with this clip. You are entitled to your opinions, of course, and so is Melanie. She is an excellent writer for LWD, and how you view her personal comments about other videos only applies to your life experiences. I doubt any of what was discussed would reflect on LWD in any way whatsoever had you not been so critical and outspoken yourself. Why the need to make mention of it at all? Not everyone feels compelled to examine Youtube contributors’ profiles and comments…you should be embarrassed.

    • I’m terribly sorry you feel that way. It’s easy to make judgments based on a quick glimpse of information, but that does not mean they’re accurate. I really don’t know what you picked out from my comments, but I can say that it is absolutely not true. I am not in any way a racist, and I have NO idea where you get that from. I made a comment on one video that criticized racists, because it made me angry that people can still think so backwards and can be so hateful towards a simple Cheerios commercial that showed an example of a modern family in a positive way. I posted comments on a video by a woman who WANTS to be paralyzed, and is actively seeking surgery to do this. I was upset because a family member of mine was shot in a tragic accident and is now a quadriplegic who has been living in a hospital and fighting off various illness for the last three years. He would give anything to have use of his body again, and I was sickened that someone would choose that life while others are cursed by it. Had you read more than one comment I made out of anger, you would have seen that I spoke to the woman and gained a better understanding of where she was coming from, and apologized for my harshness. I am human – sometimes I see things that upset me, and I rashly speak out of anger. But I usually make amends when reason presides over emotion (I’ll never take back what I said about racists – that kind of thinking disgust me). Oh, and about Cesar Millan? Not everyone thinks that he’s a god of dogs. You might notice that LWD never features stories about him. I made a simple comment on a video just saying something about how his methods are outdated, and many of them cruel. It is NOT ok to use choke collars or pain to train dogs, and that’s what I said. I received many attacks by Cesar fans for my view, so I told them that I have a degree in psychology and studied animal behavior, and have learned that positive reinforcement works better than punishment – something some Cesar-lovers fail to understand while they parrot his teachings – and that on reality tv, a lot is left out. As to military dogs, it is my personal opinion that they have no business being used in such a way. Our soldiers choose to risk and sacrifice their lives and mental and physical health for our country, and I thank them for their service. The dogs do not make this choice, but their sacrifice is the same. This does not mean I don’t have respect for what they do – I just feel bad that they are used as military tools. These are things you might not gather from reading a handful of comments. But few would have knowledge of any of this had YOU not brought it into the light. I wasn’t even aware that people could practically stalk YouTube users and see every comment they’ve ever made, and had I known, I’d have tried to do a better job to keep my personal and professional online activities a little more private.

  2. Every pitbull video without violence should have a disclaimer stating “there were no poodles harmed in the making of this film”.

  3. These two dogs have gone out on a limb for each other. Maybe Congress and Senate need to take a hint.


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