Brazilian Activists Rescue 200 Drug Test Beagles

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10.18.13 - Brazilian Beagles Saved2


Animal activists are rumored to be behind the freeing of nearly 200 beagles to be used for drug testing in the state of Sao Paulo.

Most of the dogs had their fur shaved, and one was found dead and appeared to be mutilated before being frozen in liquid nitrogen. Activist Giulana Stefanini said another of the beagles “was found with no eyes.”

Before storming the lab, activists went to police to inform them of the mistreatment of the animals, but said police took no action. Animal testing for scientific purposes is legal in Brazil, and is apprently regulated, but animal advocates disagree.

Protesters had a meeting scheduled with the lab, but it was canceled at the last minute. The lab described their intrusion as “an act of terrorism.” They insist that their activities are monitored by Brazil’s Health Surveillance Agency.

There is no word yet on the whereabouts of the dogs, but it can be expected that the activists will be seeking out loving homes for them.



5 thoughts on “Brazilian Activists Rescue 200 Drug Test Beagles”

  1. It sounds like the so called Health Surveillance Agency let these animals down. I would like to see records of the last time the place was inspected and if it was a spot check with no notification that they were coming, all to often they are pre warned.
    I hope they all get loving homes in this day and age there is NO need for this cruelty.

  2. This is atrocious! When are humans going to stop torturing animals for their own greedy and selfish purposes?! I think a formal ban on products from Brazil should be imposed until this stops.


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