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Brazilian Dog Cleans Up Canal

by Melanie

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A dog in São Paulo, Brazil is tired of all the garbage in the city, so she’s taking matters into her own jaws by cleaning up a canal.  Or maybe she’s just having fun playing fetch by herself!

A helicopter crew from Brazilian news outlet Globo was in the air when they saw a dog leaping into a canal to collect bottles from a river.  They watched as the dog kept jumping back in and pulling more trash out of the water and onto the concrete “shore.”


6.3.15 - Brazilian Dog Cleans Up Canal


The crew counted a total of 25 bottles dredged from the river, and all on her own.  It’s unknown if this is a street dog who is entertaining herself, or if she has a home and just sneaks out for some good, clean Samaritan fun.

In any event, though what she is doing is fun and helpful, the water appears to be very unclean, and could contain pollutants that will make her sick.  Local animal rescue groups have made online pleas for someone to rescue this dog.