Bringing Nemo Home

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together3This came in through the Life With Dogs Contact Us form this morning.

Hi to all of the dog Lovers out there!

My name is Melissa and I have entered a desperate situation.  3 weeks ago I was required to return home from University in Edinburgh Scotland where I was studying Veterinary Medicine and Surgury.

I had made reservations to fly home on Delta so that my dog and cat could fly on the same plane as me. When I arrived at the Airport I was informed that there was no notice that any animlas where schedualed to fly out that day so they did not have any area prepared in the hold of the plane for my dog. I was later informed that his kennel was to large to fly on the plane that Delta had booked me on. I was forced to leave my beloved dog Nemo in Edinburgh with friends until I could bring him home via an animal mover.

I am now trying to raise the money to bring him home and am having some trouble getting the word out. I just recieved a message from my friends that they could not look after him beyond this next week and I am really desperate to get help. I have set up a fundraising website and am planning bakesales all while trying to find a job to bring in needed funds. Is there anyone out there that can help me be reunited with my dog Nemo? he is a four year old Labrador cross and one of the best friends I have ever had!

Thank you all for any help! Just getting my story out there is important to me so people traveling with pets know about it.
I have attached some photos of nemo and me so that there are some pictures of us for people to see. I have also attached a link to the fundraising web site that I have started in an effort to raise the needed funds.  Help bring nemo home fundraiser web site!!
Kind regards,
Melissa Abell