Bringing Nemo Home

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This came in through the Life With Dogs Contact Us form this morning.

Hi to all of the dog Lovers out there!

My name is Melissa and I have entered a desperate situation.  3 weeks ago I was required to return home from University in Edinburgh Scotland where I was studying Veterinary Medicine and Surgury.

I had made reservations to fly home on Delta so that my dog and cat could fly on the same plane as me. When I arrived at the Airport I was informed that there was no notice that any animlas where schedualed to fly out that day so they did not have any area prepared in the hold of the plane for my dog. I was later informed that his kennel was to large to fly on the plane that Delta had booked me on. I was forced to leave my beloved dog Nemo in Edinburgh with friends until I could bring him home via an animal mover.

I am now trying to raise the money to bring him home and am having some trouble getting the word out. I just recieved a message from my friends that they could not look after him beyond this next week and I am really desperate to get help. I have set up a fundraising website and am planning bakesales all while trying to find a job to bring in needed funds. Is there anyone out there that can help me be reunited with my dog Nemo? he is a four year old Labrador cross and one of the best friends I have ever had!

Thank you all for any help! Just getting my story out there is important to me so people traveling with pets know about it.
I have attached some photos of nemo and me so that there are some pictures of us for people to see. I have also attached a link to the fundraising web site that I have started in an effort to raise the needed funds.  Help bring nemo home fundraiser web site!!
Kind regards,
Melissa Abell


15 thoughts on “Bringing Nemo Home”

  1. If you can find someone traveling the same route as your dog it would be best as they could travel with Nemo. You could try placing ads in Scotland to see if anyone traveling to the US would assist. Dogs ARE safer when the airline knows there is also a person on the plane that cares about the dog.
    And make sure the area where the dog will be traveling is safe. There have been recent deaths on airlines.
    Post on Dogster as well.
    Good luck!

  2. Maybe you can post your cause on to get all the help you can get.

    Hope you will be together soon!

    Good luck, I keep my fingers crossed.

  3. Has anyone taken this up with the airline? Bad publicity for them may peer pressure them into helping!

    • I actually spent the first week calling them non stop and trying to get them to help me get my dog home they did not help at all

  4. This smells like a scam to me. I don’t want to be cruel, but the spelling, punctuation and capitalization used by this person is not consistent with a college student in a Veterinary Medicine and Surgury [sic] program. When I went through an international pet transportation company to send a foster dog to Australia, it was about half the $3000 she is claiming to require. I’m not saying that this is a scam, but I’d be very cautious before sending her money.

    • Carrie–I have a Masters degree and still have trouble with spelling. My niece is a vet – same problem. My brother with a PhD is the worst of us.
      I did donate, as I would rather err on the side of kindness. If I am wrong, I am a fool. If you are wrong we are leaving Nemo in harm’s way. I’ll take the chance of being a fool.

    • She’s not a vet student anymore I don’t think. She has been removed from the country due to no visa meaning she’s not in school anymore. Veterinary medicine has a pretty high removal rate as it’s an intense program. What is scary it’s more intense than a human medicine program- doesn’t inspire much confidence in our doctors.

      For those doubting the airline. If you missed your flight because something wasn’t right and weren’t able to board and never got on the flight they WOULD NOT refund your ticket if it was YOUR fault. And in this case it was her fault- according to the airline. Thus, they won’t refund the flight on put Nemo on the next one and she has to pay for it again. Fair? No, but nothing ever is.

      I don’t doubt the authentication of what is going on and I feel devastated for her HOWEVER, I also think that people should have the finances to support the animals they own and if they don’t in rare situations like this have the common decency to make the TOUGH choices (that’s what it means to be a pet owner- these are living beings we’re talking about NOT possessions). I think Nemo would be better off in a new home in the UK so he didn’t have to deal with the flight stress plus the dangers of flying alone. There should be many vet students in her school that would be happy to take him or know of someone who would.

      I care more about the welfare of this animal right now. Even if she gets the money there is nothing to say Nemo will get home. She needs to contact ladyhaye and talk to them as they are the only animal movers to trust and she needs a flight agent, as a good agent will prevent this from happening again. They would have prevented it in the first place. But even with all that it’s still risky.

      Is the dog’s stress and life worth the fact that she misses her dog? This is about HER, what about what’s best for Nemo?

  5. I can see how some people might be cautious with this when I say that I was studying veterinary medicine and surgery, what people do’t know is what the effects of having a learning disability, having dyslexia does not make myself or others less intelligent it just means we have trouble with grammer punctuation reading and spelling to varying degrees. if people ar wondering why my spelling can be messed up sometimes then maybe they should consider this before judging them. I can not express just how much I appreciate everyones positive thoughts and prayers and any donations that anyone has given is definatly apreciated and will be given directly to the cashier department at animal land pet movers in Atlanta.

  6. If you already had a reservation paid for this animal to fly with you then I fail to see why they would not honor that reservation on another flight!!! Having transported many pets both in the plane and in the hold previously, I have never had it cost 3000 to transport a pet anywhere!! Something isn’t right here, you already paid to have Nemo fly, why are they not just putting him on the next available flight?

  7. This is not a SCAM!!!!!!!!All those down grading Melissa ,Needs to stop!!!!!!
    Nemo was born in the USA and he needs to get back to his loving Family in the USA!!!!I personally called the airlines .Only certain planes from there can carry so many animals with certain crate sizes out of the country…That was not discussed before she arrived at the airport . So she had to leave without him . I cant imagine leaving my pet behind …….
    It takes great courage to ask for help from strangers …You never know when you will be in a bad spot and need help….All the bad comments keep to yourself I”m so sorry you are that miserable with your own life ……..Blessings will come to those that give because when you gave it was in love and compassion for a animal and man kind ….. Peace


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