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Dog and Duckling Form Special Bond


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romeoRomeo and Juliet is getting a makeover. This time around Romeo is a boxer dog and Juliet is a baby paradise duckling. It’s still a great love story though.

Juliet was found upside down and almost dead by Heather Loughlin’s neigbhors who brought the duckling to Loughlin’s home in Matua, New Zealand to help save her. Loughlin’s dog Romeo soon fell in love with the duckling.

Loughlin finds the friendship amusing, “He’s huge, he could munch it in one go. He has dried duck treats normally.” Romeo’s favorite toy also happens to be a stuffed duck. Despite his history of duck treats, Romeo has been nothing but gentle with Juliet. He follows her around the house and looks for her if she’s not there. The friendship is not one sided though, as Juliet is often trying to find Romeo, “She tries to follow him out his dog door, then she cries and screams because she can’t go,” Loughlin said.

Loughlin does try to make sure they have time away from each other, so Juliet doesn’t imprint on Romeo. Loughlin ultimately plans to nurse Juliet back to health and release her back into the wild.