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Broken Leg Dog Needs Help Healing

by Katherine

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Madeline, a 6-month-old Labrador mix girl, was found stray in a very rural section of Ashe County, NC. It appears the young pup was crossing a street when a car hit her, kept going, and left her injured in the middle of the road. A Good Samaritan drove by, saw the hurt but alive dog, and decided to help.

Kim Kenny meets her Madeline. Photo Credit: Faboulous McGrady & Friends Foundation
Kim Kenny meets her passenger.
Photo Credit: Faboulous McGrady & Friends Foundation

Madeline was picked up by animal control. They took her to an indoor kennel and called Friends of Ashe County Animals (FACA). The organization evaluated Madeline and tried to offer her some help.

“FACA’s local volunteer quickly evaluated the pup and found a gentle girl full of kisses who was now standing on three legs, occasionally bearing weight on the left rear injured leg,” said Sheley R. Revis, MD.

X-rays were taken and they showed Madeline had some minor injuries to her pelvis. They also showed that Madeline’s femoral head on her left leg had been sheared off the femur bone (see the x-rays).

“Madeline would need surgery to remove the femoral head and to stabilize the hip joint,” said Revis. “The total cost of this would be around $1000.  This doesn’t include the costs of basic vetting or spay surgery.”

FACA reached out to Chicagoland Lab Rescue (CLR) who gladly agreed to take on Madeline. Last week, Kim Kenny, CLR’s founder, picked up Madeline and transported her to Chicago.

Madeline has been spayed and is currently under foster care. The young dog still needs surgery to repair her leg. CLR has raised money to cover the $1000 surgery fee, but they still don’t have all necessary funds to cover Madeline’s treatment.

If you want to help cover Madeline’s surgery you can make an online donation. To learn more about Madeline, contact CLR.