Brookfield Zoo Home to 10 New African Wild Dog Pups

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Brookfield Zoo’s African wild dog pack recently grew by 10 pups.

Six-year-old mother Kim gave birth to six males and four females at the end of November, but the pups have been left undisturbed for weeks.

The dogs were counted, weighed and vaccinated yesterday.

8-week-old African wild dog puppy weighed during exam

Michael Adkesson, DVM, performs a routine examination

The African wild dog is one of the continent’s most endangered carnivores. This litter was one of only three born last year in North America, and should be on display in a matter of months.

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15 thoughts on “Brookfield Zoo Home to 10 New African Wild Dog Pups”

  1. Are these little pups not the cutest ever! I hope they thrive, as these little guys are an extremely important link in the conservation of a species under attack in their native areas. In South Africa they are often seen as nuisance wildlife which does not help in the effort to support their conservation.

  2. What a great mom Kim is. In the video, there are times you can’t see her because she is covered up by puppies. I am surprised she could handle all of them. Bet she will enjoy when there is more room for them so she can get a break one and then.


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