Bruno, the last dog standing at a Nassau County shelter

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Superstorm Sandy seems like a long time ago to most of us who were not affected, but for Bruno it feels like a lifetime ago.  The adult Rottweiler has been living in a shelter since the storm, where there were as many as 500 other pets that needed temporary homes while their families got their lives back on track. But now the Mitchel Field Emergency pet shelter is closing and Bruno is the last dog left with nowhere to go.

The house they were living in was submerged in water and so he had to move.  Bruno’s owner loves him, but lost his job in the aftermath of the storm and had to seek work out of state.  He has found it extremely difficult to find adequate housing that will allow him to have Bruno with him, so he has sadly bid his pooch goodbye and surrendered him to the shelter.

“Bruno is a devoted dog,” Gary Rogers, spokesperson for the NCSPCA, said in a statement. “He has had a very difficult last few months and we are desperate to find him a happy ending.”  Bruno can be stubborn but once he gets to know people he is extremely gentle and loving.  Rogers feels he would do best in a home that understands and is familiar with the breed.

Time is running out as the shelter is closing on March 15th.  If you are interested in adopting Bruno, can provide foster care for a short period of time or for more information, please contact Nassau County Emergency Pet Shelter at: 516-272-0017, or email [email protected].

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  1. I emailed directly to the email above asking if Bruno was safe. Did not get the courtesy if a response.

  2. Bruno have you posted him on the main page and I can see what I can do from my part. Ive Owend. my mind cant remember. It was 9 were mine And a extra 3 that I was baby sitting for my son. I trained them all to get along. So will you post his picture .I know I can help Hes being in there to long. hes beautifull rott . nice face thick neck No body shot of him. I really want to help.Bruno Iam going to try real hard to see If I can get you a home Amen. will you respond Thank you!!! Thank you !!!


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