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Burglars Greeted With Wagging Tails at Florida Home They Broke Into

by Fred

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Last month, two people broke into a home in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and were literally greeted by a couple of dogs that the property owner keeps for companionship and protection.  Home surveillance video of the robbery was released Monday, and shows two men entering the woman’s home at 9:20PM on September 19th.

Both of the dogs ran up to the burglars and basically greeted them, tails wagging.  One of the suspects even stops for a second and pets one of the dogs.  Looks like someone will have to reevaluate their home security measures.

“I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” said the victim, Debbie Blakey.  “And they even bent down and pet one of my dogs.  I’m like, ‘Bite him!'”

While she’s obviously not happy about being robbed, she is thankful that something worse didn’t happen.  Sometimes, when people rob houses like this, they can harm the dogs in some way.  At least these two robbed the house, and only pet the dogs.

“Thank God they didn’t poison them. Nobody hit them,” she said.

Blakey has put in more security measures, such as more cameras on the property.  Police are hoping that by releasing the video, someone will recognize them and report them.

“I’m praying that somebody recognizes the first guy by the way that he moves.  The second guy looks right at the camera.  Somebody’s got to recognize him,” she said.