Caged Dogs Strapped to SUV Roof

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In Manila, Philippines, two dogs inside a wire cage were spotted strapped to the roof of an SUV while the car drove at high speeds on South Luzon Expressway.

Photo Credit: Charie Villa - ABS-CBN
Photo Credit: Charie Villa – ABS-CBN

The photograph was captured by ABS-CBN’s Charie Villa on Sunday and posted to Facebook with the following message:
“Poor puppies on top of an AUV speeding along SLEX. Driver was a woman. The dogs were terrified.”

According to ABS-CBN the Land Transportation Office (LTO) said its records show the plate numbers belong to a 1995 – Nissan Sentra, not the SUV on the photograph. Having the wrong plates is an impoundable violation.

We all know that this is not the first time citizens across the world have opted to transport their pets in this inhumane manner, what these abusers should know is that inhumane handling of animals is a punishable crime in many countries.

In Manila, the Animal Welfare Act says:
“Any person who violates any of the provisions of this Act shall, upon conviction by final judgment, be punished by imprisonment of not less than six (6) months nor more than two (2) years or a fine of not less than one thousand pesos (P1,000.00) nor more than five thousand pesos (P5,000.00), or both at the discretion of the Court.”

Lets hope that the driver of this car is found and convicted for her crime.


7 thoughts on “Caged Dogs Strapped to SUV Roof”

  1. Here in the Philippines people especially the male, butcher dogs for their meat as azuzena. In my subdivision here in Tagaytay, the caretakers eat their own dogs for ” pulutan” together with their “lasenggerong kapwa caretakers”.Even their wives join in the “pulutan” It has been going on especially pag may handaan like bdays ng barkadang caretakers. I just hope the Phil. Aniwal Welfare people come and give or pass warnings to these cruel , inhuman caretakers here in my village. Binabaril raw ng paltik o di kaya pinapalo sa ulo ang method ng pagkatay according to one caretaker here who have heart for these poor dogs.The subdivision is Monte V—- bahala na kayo mag guess.Pkease don’t give my name.

  2. She’s probably taking them home to dinner, I mean FOR dinner. Such is the culture of SOME of those people. Inhumane is in their genes.

    Much like people who eat meat here – visited a slaughterhouse lately?

    • You know… when we were kids (50) years ago – we had a dog who got really car sick. so we rode with him in the back of the pick up truck and made sure he was safe. IF we would have had a way to let him ride on top of the car safely we would have! He loved riding with the wind in his face and we could have taken him more places… Before you people pass judgement on folks like Mitt Romney for taking his dog on vacation… his dog was fine… he loved his dog and so did his family… no harm came to his dog…. Sometimes people are being cruel to the dog … but in other instances they are quite safe.. EACH case is different… so in the case of Romney – people need to find a real problem to belly ache about! ALL of our furry friends need to be cared for!!

      • Wow, glad you talked to the dog about it. Interesting how you say he “loved it” yet was so scared he actually had diarrhea ALL over the top car. Mitt then proceded to spay the dog and the car down while leaving the dog in the crate without drying him off. You and Mitt’s ideas on love are VERY, VERY frightening. Really worried how you show your kids love!!!!! Maybe you think animal cruelty is not a real problem to “belly ache” about but to be honest, I am more fearful of of NON compassionate people like you than about anything eles. I am sure you are running you mouth until it is one of your precious and perfect children being abused or bullied. Maybe not, maybe you are as cold hearted as you appear. I pray I am NEVER as cold in my heart as you are. Hopefully I will never get to a point where I do not care about those who do not have a voice. My only goal in life is to never be ANYTHING like you!!!!!!!!!


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