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Canadian Firefighters Rescue Golden Retriever from Icy River

by Katherine

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On March 16, 2014, 13-year-old Pooh Bear, a Golden Retriever, found herself in an icy and dangerous situation. The dog walked up to an ice patch in the middle of a river, in Nova Scotia, Canada, during low tide. However, after climbing atop the ice cake the tide started rising and the pet was stranded with nowhere to go.

Firefighters rescue Golden Retriever from icy patch. Photo Credit: Alain Couture
Firefighters rescue Golden Retriever from icy patch. Photo Credit: Alain Couture


Thanks to onlookers who spotted the pet in need, the canine was rescued when hero Parrsboro firefighters were called to the scene. Within minutes firefighters arrived and used a boat to reach the dog.

According to Kings County News, firefighters James Shaw, Aubrey Fenton, and Kevin Hill approached the stranded dog. The four-legged friend was more than happy to see humans were there to rescue her.

“Everything went textbook,” said Fire Chief Randy Mosher. “We had all the gear we needed on scene in less than 15 minutes. We couldn’t ask for it to go any smoother.”

According to firefighter Shaw, getting the dog in the boat was the easy part, what was difficult about the rescue was finding out how much higher the tide was going to get, and where exactly the team and the pet would reach safe land.

Luckily, the three men and the rescued pet reached land and as soon as Pooh Bear set her paws on land, she was welcomed by cheers and applause of those onlookers witnessing the daring rescue.

The dog did not suffer any injuries. She was a bit cold and unsure of herself but as soon as she was on land she became her happy-go-lucky self. The canine was then reunited with her owner Josh McCulley.

Thank you firefighters for coming to the rescue of our four-legged friends!