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Funds Raised to Help Dog with Missing Jaw


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ladIn February a Rough Collie named Lad was badly injured when he was shot in his muzzle. The lower part of his jaw is almost completely gone. Now thanks to generous donations Lad is at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital getting the treatment he needs.

On February 10th Lad arrived at The Arrow Fund, a nonprofit in Kentucky that provides medical treatment to animals who have been victims of abuse and neglect. Lad had not only been shot in the muzzle, but he was severely underweight.

The Arrow Fund helped Lad get the emergency medical care he needed, which included removing the front of the lower part of Lad’s jaw because of infected tissue.

Because of the severity of Lad’s injuries Arrow Fund arranged for Lad to meet with veterinarians at UC Davis to hopefully figure out a way to reconstruct his jaw. The main hurdle was raising the funds to get him there. With the help of many generous donations and the help of Pilots N Paws Lad made his trip to UC Davis and met with veterinarians on Monday.

For updates on Lad and his progress visit the Arrow Fund’s Facebook page and website.