Caped Crusader is Canine Protector

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TODAY’s animal advocate Jill Rappaport visits actor Burt Ward, famous for playing “Robin” alongside Adam West on TV’s “Batman,” who has opened up his California home to homeless pets.


Learn more about Ward and Gentle Giants Rescue at

2 thoughts on “Caped Crusader is Canine Protector”

  1. Great story. If I could I’d take a few of those big dogs. I love the way that they all get along. They look healty and happy. I hope that they all get homes. I still wish I could get a couple of them! Great job to Ward and his wife. Special place in Heaven for you both!

  2. Gentle Giants is a fraud that breeds their own “rescues”. They adopt their dogs out for astronomical prices- often sick and undersocialized. I’m disappointed that the news media would highlight such an organization without doing their research. A simple search turns up hundreds of complaints. I do Ibizan Hound rescue and I can tell you that despite the fact that they advertise they get their Ibizans from a “breeder who went out of business”- it’s always turned out to be a lie.


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