Patrick: Then and Now

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A heartening new look at Patrick from Garden State Veterinary Specialists.

Patrick, March 2011

Patrick today.

His story: The Patrick Miracle

14 thoughts on “Patrick: Then and Now”

  1. What can one say about a dog’s ability to forgive and love again? In Patrick, we humans have a lot to learn. God’s blessings to everyone who in any way have helped Patrick. And God Bless Patrick!

  2. You did it Patrick, you did it boy!! You survived and has shown the world the wonders of determination and willpower, love you darling!!

  3. A huge thank-you to all who helped with Patrick’s recovery. You all are amazing! I hope Patrick has a wopnderful life. Way to go, Patrick!!!

  4. Awwww Fat Boy!
    So happy for you now Patrick. I really hope you can put it all behind you forever and live a happy, healthy, long life. Hugs xx

  5. How wonderful and beautiful! I’m so happy that Patrick has not only survived his ordeal but thrived to become a healthy, handsome boy! Yaaay Patrick!


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