CAR-MA Strikes! Dogs Left in Running Car Crash it into a Walmart

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Two dogs from Wayne, West Virginia luckily weren’t hurt when their human left them in a running vehicle in a Walmart parking lot while they went in to shop.  Somehow, one of the dogs managed to knock the car into gear.  It slowly rolled foreword and “crashed” into the store, causing quite a scene, but again, no one was injured in any way.

According to a witness standing in front of the store, the whole thing was a bit silly.  She was standing in front of the building, when she noticed that the car with the two dogs in it was coming at her.  She thought at first that the car was actually being driven by someone she knew playing a joke on here.  Boy was she surprised to see a dog behind the wheel!

At a snail’s pace, the car inched closer to the store.  The witness just stepped aside as the vehicle came to rest against the front of the store.  She took a look in the car, and sur enough, there were the two dogs looking back at her.

The store staff paged the vehicle’s owner over the loud-speaker.  It turns out the owner was an older woman shopping in the store.  She came out and saw what had happened, and couldn’t believe that one of the dogs actually got the car into gear.  She only left it running so the dogs wouldn’t overheat in the car while she was in the store.


7.30.16 - WalMart Dog Crash2

2 thoughts on “CAR-MA Strikes! Dogs Left in Running Car Crash it into a Walmart”

  1. Yeah, sure that happened!
    Whoever deceives the people and creates these fake scenarios tricking the car up to make it appear that the dog pushed the car into gear (yeah, right!!!), so the fake “police” can have any excuse to ticket people for even having a pet in a car, is gonna get some “car ma” of his own.
    “In the spiritual world, lies have very short legs”. Rudolf Steiner also said that Jesus Christ is the Lord of Karma. “Nobody gets away with anything, everybody pays.” Fooling people with fake tickets is fraud, stalking, armed robbery and terrorism. Read “Rod Class gets Fourth Ruling: All Gov’t Offices are Vacant, Gov’t Officials are Private Contractors.” Where else is this scenario going, but to increase the ticketing of the private contractors fraudulently impersonating “government”, and terrifying you, Forgive me for being cynical, but I trust almost nothing I read in the media, for very good reasons. Robbing your foreign situs trust is usually the motive, only the fake “gov’t officials can do that, and they make out like the bandits they are. Abducting you and stealing from your foreign situs trust, where else is this story going but to invent more ways, more excuses to “ticket”. I just can’t believe this happened, no way. It’s more likely to believe that this is another FICTION (lie).

  2. Are you some sort of whacko? The police have far too much to deal with than to arrange fake incidents for positive publicity. No responsible individual would create an incident where the possibility of harm to someone or property damage could occur.There have been many incidents where animals and children have caused a vehicle to roll or drive off sometimes causing a serious accident including deaths so this is an entirely believable scenario.. Why don’t you do something meaningful like serious research on the probability that Kennedy was assassinated by aliens as revenge for the US not returning the bodies of those killed in the crash at Roswell.


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