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Puppy Is Fighting for His Life After Being Poisoned

by Melanie

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UPDATE (7/30/16, 12:45):  Sadly, Ranger did not make it.  He died last night.  Justin and Lyn send their sincerest thanks to everyone who donated towards his medical care.  Unfortunately, the toxins had already done too much damage and even the best treatment was unable to save him.



7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure1


Earlier today we warned you about the danger of water hemlock, which is fatal within hours of consumption.  Another plant people may not realize is toxic to dogs is the sago palm, which they often find quite tasty.  Ranger, a 10-month-old puppy, got into some leaves without his family realizing it, and now they’re fighting to save their baby from liver failure.


7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure9


Many dogs eat grass and other plants to help sooth upset stomachs, or because their diets are lacking in particular nutrients, and others eat them because they just like to.  But many innocuous looking plants are anything but, and dogs and cats need to be kept away from them.  (To see some of the most common yet harmful, click here.)


7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure6


Justin Rocha and his fiancée Lyn Gonzalez had no idea that sago palm trees were incredibly toxic to dogs.  Their Belgian Malinois pup munched on some of the leaves of this plant, and is now fighting for his life.

“He is undergoing IV Fluid treatments and maintaining support treatment in order to fight of the toxins in his liver,” Justin said.  “He needs fluid injections of all sorts of vitamins and medications because his liver is beginning to shut down fast.”


7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure4


His life might be over before it’s barely begun.  Justin and Lyn are young, and they’re reeling from the possibility they might lose Ranger.  The bills are adding up, and they’re doing whatever they can to save him.

“Ranger is strong willing, loving, caring, family, playful, and much more. He is outgoing, loves to go for walks, chase squirrels,” Justin reflected.   “[He’s] a man of the house and loves his sisters.  He always has a clown face smile on. He is very friendly and wouldn’t hurt a fly.”


7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure2


Lyn says Ranger misses being at home, playing with his sisters Maya and Sasha.  He “brightens every bit of our day,” she says, and they’re terrified that he won’t make it.

They’ve started a fundraiser to get Ranger as much treatment as possible, to give him the best chance of surviving.  If you can help this desperate family, please CLICK HERE.


7.30.16 - Help Save Ranger from Liver Failure8