Caring Dachshund Adopts Orphaned Kittens

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For the third time in under a year, a loving Dachshund named Duchess has taken in a litter of abandoned kittens.

On Tuesday morning,  the nurturing dog was busy cleaning four new babies at her Ouachita Parish, Louisiana home. Owner Sheila Hutson said Duchess’ litter of kittens needed her after Hutson’s daughter’s cat was killed by a motorist, leaving four miniscule felines motherless.

When Duchess first met the kittens, her motherly instincts immediately kicked in, and she bathed each of them gently. By the very next morning, she was already producing milk.

The Hutsons rescued the seven year old dog from a breeding operation, and say that when they found her, she was near death. “They had bred her till she was almost dead. We’ve had her almost four years now, and we haven’t let her have pups because of what she’s been through,” Hutson said.

Now, the nurturing canine seems to have a unique appreciation for the miracle of life. In fact, her family said her mothering instincts are so strong that when their own cat had a litter of kittens, they had to hide them from Duchess: otherwise, she would find her way to them, sneak one away and bring it to her bed to care for it.


51 thoughts on “Caring Dachshund Adopts Orphaned Kittens”

    • It’s actually dangerous to fix a dog after a certain age. If Duchess had been through so much physical stress the owners might have decided that it was best not to put her through more.

    • Amen sister! Cats & dogs! I can’t believe they allowed an unspayed dog to be adopted in the first place. It’s sweet what the dog did. But the owners need to wake up. Go volunteer at a shelter & see just how many unwanted pets that are euthenized every single day! And they should fricken know better if they rescued an overbred and abused dog in the first place!

      • Also, get the cats spayed & neutered as well, then there will be no more litters of kittens. As far as the mother cat getting run over, it wouldn’t have happened if it was in the house. Cats that live in homes & that aren’t allowed to roam around outside live longer & are just as happy. After all she has been through in her sad life, I sure hope sweet little Duchess lives in the house with them & is treated like a loved member of the family.

  1. This morning on The View Whoppi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselbeck stated it was no big deal for Romney to put his dog in a crate and strap him to the roof and drive to Canada. Goldberg compared it to complaining about what color shoes a candidate wore. She stated it is a non issue. I am boycotting this show and think all animal lovers should too.

  2. When I was growing up, my neighbor’s airedale nursed her puppies along with some kittens and a raccoon. She was the best mama dog ever.


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