Chicken Jerky Manufacturer Offers Money to Dog Owners in Exchange for Silence

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When a Florida woman’s dog became ill after consuming Waggin’ Train Chicken Tenders, the company offered to pay half of her vet bill – but only if she would sign a confidentiality agreement.

Helene Dollinger says she recently bought Waggin’ Train Jerky Tenders for her standard poodles, Duv and Ari, and Duv became seriously ill shortly after consuming the dried treats.

“Blood was pouring out of his rectum,” she said.

Dollinger rushed Duv to her veterinarian: the sickened dog spent the following two weeks in recovery. After Duv’s illness, Dollinger called Waggin’ Treats to notify the company of the incident.  The company agreed to pay half of her $300 veterinarian bill – as long as she was willing to keep quiet about it.

She was offered a confidentiality agreement and told to sign it in exchange for the check.

“Ms. Dollinger agrees that she, her spouse or partner, family members and veterinarian agree to keep this release and the incident it addresses in confidence and make no public statements as to either,” read the company’s letter.

But this dog lover says her priority was never money – it was consumer safety. Rather than accept money to be quiet, she says she wants every dog owner to know about the risks of feeding tainted treats.  “I ripped up their check and I sent it back and I told (them) to stuff it,” she said.

When questioned about the incident, a company spokesman claimed that there was no record of Dollinger’s complaint.

106 thoughts on “Chicken Jerky Manufacturer Offers Money to Dog Owners in Exchange for Silence”

  1. We used to feed our dogs the Waggin’ Train treats but not anymore. I do wish that they would be pulled from shelves. But money is at the root of this. It is a shame. Please don’t feed these killer snacks to any dog. Good luck to the dogs out there I hope that more people will stop buying the chicken jerky. Good for Mrs. Dollinger and I am sure the company’s denial is a lie. I am glad her dog made it.

  2. Thank god she didn’t keep silent. It’s horrible that her dog died, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself. She is saving so many dogs by speaking about this. And seriously half of a vet bill doesn’t not replace her little love. What jerks Waggin Treats are. I hope they finally have to go out of business and soon. I still see this crap on the shelves at stores. It p*sses me off.

  3. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart as tears roll down my cheek for not accepting this bribe to be quiet. If I had know of the poison from these chicken treats my little girl Lacey would still be with me!! Her kidneys shut down 4 days of her 4th birthday and she loved these treats. Had I only known then what I do now??? PLEASE, PLEASE keep spreading the word. I too wrote to the company only to be told it wasn’t their brand. SURPRISE

    • Cathy, everyone knows it’s “PURINA/NESTLE’S” and it’s not just the jerky treats, ck out the Waggin’ Train site on facebook, nothing but poor pet owners pleading with this corporation to pull products from the shelves
      that are killing our beloved pets. It’s disgusting and to tell people who have
      lost their babies to “call and we’ll discuss it” is an insult to our intelligence.

      Ever heard of Class Action Law Suits?????

    • Cathy, I am so sorry you lost your little girl. What this company has done is criminal. They are preying on unsuspecting buyers and should be put out of business. I am so sorry your little Lacey was a victim of such horrific corporate greed.

      You are in my thoughts.

    • I know of your pain. I had to put my sheltie to sleep because of kidney failure. That was her favorite treat. If I would of known, she would still be with me. She went two month ago.

  4. Don’t feed your dogs anything that’s not made in the USA right now. The chicken jerky treats that are made out of country are making dogs sick. It’s not just this brand.

    • I found one of these treats at the local dollar store. I recognized it from another article that these were the dangerous kind and I looked to see if they were truly made in China. The only thing I saw on the bag was “This is an American owned company.” I found it VERY conniving.

  5. Why are they still on U.S. store shelves? My dog is suffering from kidney failure and a shortened life because of this.


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