Carmel family got their Christmas wish when their lost dog came home

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San Diego, California News Station – KFMB Channel 8 –

Savannah went missing a week ago, and was being searched for relentlessly by her distraught family, but there was no sign of her.  Then, at 2:00 a.m. a family friend who lives a few miles from where she went missing was awakened by barking.  Savannah had somehow found her way there, to the home of her playmate Ellie whom she had visited many times in the past.

“I was awakened by like an alert-type bark and I ran downstairs and she was right there at the door she goes in and out of all the time, just waiting for me to open it,”  said Karen Vaughan, who had been leaving her side gate open just in case.  Savannah’s owners, Donna and Jamie Wolosin were overjoyed at the news that Savannah was safe and sound.

Savannah, a Vizsla, initially went missing when she was spooked during an off leash walk on December 16th.  Since then she has had to endure a lot; an inch and half of rain, temperatures as low as 33 F, a windstorm, and an earthquake.  She had lost some weight and was very tired, but is otherwise in good health and very happy to be home, though the wear and tear on her collar makes it apparent that she had some rough times.  Though no one will ever know what happened in the past week, Karen’s husband went on a long run on Sunday in the area in which Savannah went missing and she may have picked up his scent and followed it home.

Though devastated by her absence, the Wolosin’s never gave up hope, even buying her a new toy for Christmas while she was missing, believing that she would be back.  Their Christmas wish was granted, and now the family is back together as they should be, in time for the holidays.