Make it a real “Charlie Brown Christmas”

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charlie brownA dog’s life hangs in the balance, and though he may not be the cutest of the bunch some think he is worth saving and protecting.  His name is Charlie Brown Moses and this dog from Atlanta, Georgia desperately wants and needs a home.  Will you help him fulfill his only Christmas wish?

Charlie Brown is about 8 years old and was scheduled to be euthanized last weekend but shelter workers couldn’t overlook his sweet disposition and decided to keep him alive in the hopes of finding him a forever home.  After all they reasoned, just because his companion decided he didn’t want him anymore is really no reason to kill a dog.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is doing their best to help Charlie’s cause by putting this post on their Facebook page to raise awareness of his plight. “It is almost Christmas Eve and humans are busy and not thinking about a dog like me. Well I am probably the ugliest dog in the shelter. That is what I hear. Yesterday was supposed to be my day to go to the Rainbow bridge but the workers at this shelter think I am so hopeful and sweet and a few rescues called to check on me. It bought me a few days.”

Someone has volunteered to foster Charlie Brown so his stay of execution has been granted.   But Charlie Brown also needs some financial help because he has a few medical issues to take care of before adoption.  He tested heartworm positive and has an ugly tumor on his tail that needs to be removed so funds are being raised to help pay for his treatment.  While his foster family is going to help out, another $600 is needed. If you can help Charlie out please go to Angels Among Us Facebook Page to make a donation, and help create a true Christmas miracle for a very deserving dog.