Cat Narrowly Survives Puppy Attack

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The quality of this video isn’t the greatest, but what’s clear is that there’s a whole lotta cuteness going on here!




12 thoughts on “Cat Narrowly Survives Puppy Attack”

  1. This is not cute. This is abuse. You should be ashamed of yourself letting your cat get
    chewed up by these puppies. The cat was defenseless.

  2. I agree. Nothing cute about that at all. I don’t see how they could just stand there and film that. They don’t deserve animals.

  3. Lighten up…’s not that bad. The puppies only wanted to play and it’s not like cat couldn’t get away. However I agree kitty should have been removed as soon as he started to show distress.

  4. Oh come on – this cat was not defenceless, he was trying not to hurt the puppies. A couple of swipes left and right would have sent the fluff balls tumbling. The cat is much stronger than all these puppies put together. And the cat was not showing distress – it was trying to show the puppies it was getting annoyed and pissed and the pups, being pups, didn’t understand what the cat was saying. Geez, people, get a life already…


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