Cat Prefers Sleeping on Husky Friend

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It’s like the old saying goes, why sleep on a pet bed, when you can just sleep on your fellow pet, right?  Farina is a tabby and has a cat bed of her own, but much prefers to sleep on her canine sibling, Maeby.  Maeby doesn’t seem to mind at all as Farina climbs aboard, gets comfy and settles in for a nap.  How adorable are these two?

1.26.15 - cat sleeps on dog2 1.26.15 - cat sleeps on dog3 1.26.15 - cat sleeps on dog4 1.26.15 - cat sleeps on dog5 1.26.15 - cat sleeps on dog6

And even after all of that, her friend doesn’t even flinch!  Now that, is some patients!