Merrick Dog Food Reviews

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Founded in 1988 at a family ranch in Texas, Merrick has been a staple in the dog food industry for a number of decades now with good reason. Merrick produces nothing but the best dog food from handcrafted, all-natural recipes that have the highest-quality ingredients with absolutely no fillers or preservatives. Merrick now not only …

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IAMS is perhaps one of the most recognizable brands in the pet lover’s industry. You have probably come across those familiar four letters accentuated by a paw print at the vet’s office at one time or another. While it’s true that this is a well-established brand, it pays to familiarize yourself with its history, the …

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Iams Dog Food


Iams dog food stands out on the pet store shelf with its bright and colorful packaging and incredible prices. You won’t find many dog food brands that sell all-natural dog food for 30 bucks, most of the brands that are known for being 100% natural and by-product free don’t go for less than $60. Not …

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