Caught on Camera: Dramatic Dog Rescue

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This dramatic raw footage of a dog rescue will make your heart soar. Firefighters performed rescue breathing on a dog that was found unconscious/unresponsive in a house fire. The dog was found at the back door in the kitchen, pulled from the building with minor burns and initially had a respiratory rate of 40+. Firefighters performed rescue breathing for approximately 12 minutes and as you can see, the dog survived. The owner was not home at the time so firefighters decided to bring the dog back to the firehouse for dinner and water.

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33 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: Dramatic Dog Rescue”

  1. I would have liked to have seen her reunited with her owner. It is good to know they care so much – I wouldn’t care about the house, but if they could save my boys….


  2. ohhhh how absolutely WONDERFUL of these firemen to put so much into saving this precious pup! I love it! Thanks so much for sharing this! <3

  3. WhooHoo..I live in Oakland California and am so proud of our Fire Department! What a super cool group of Firemen!

  4. Kudos to the firefighters for not giving up on the pup. To see her wag her tail was the best part.


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