Chamberlin’s Story

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The Guilford County Animal Shelter recently released this video, and I was floored when I saw it last night. Chamberlin was abandoned in an overgrown yard and was found while it was being mowed. By the time he was discovered he was emaciated and his front legs had stopped functioning properly. He’s found new hope thanks to Susie’s Fund, and now can begin receiving the medical help he needs in order to recover. He remains in the custody of the GCAS until he is healthy enough to be adopted.

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37 thoughts on “Chamberlin’s Story”

  1. The tail ♥ I can’t stop crying and as an activist I see so much cruelty and abuse, but the wagging tail and the determination…and the beautiful face. I believe in angels, but real ones, ones like Chamberlin. Some, incredibly fortunate human is going to have a most amazing life with you by his/her side.

  2. So amazing… My heart just breaks for what he has gone through and what he will go through to survive. God bless those who are helping him, loving him and nursing him back to health. Sweet baby!!

  3. I can’t watch the video until I know he will be ok:(
    No matter how many times I hear about or see these situations it always shocks me. As an animal lover I can not understand how people can hurt them. My prayers and thoughts are with this sweet boy.

  4. poor baby boy! I am relieved that he is getting the help he needs. I would like to see a little justice though….


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