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Caught on Camera: Teacher Rescues Stranded Dog on Field Trip


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teacher saves dog

Students from Springfield, Massachusetts assembled at the Liberty School Friday in order to honor their fifth grade teacher for going out on a limb to rescue a dog.

Virna Campbell-Langford and her students were on a field trip at a lake in Forest Park on Tuesday when they noticed a dog trapped in the water between the limbs of a fallen tree. Animal control was called, but Campbell-Langford felt for the dog and couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

“I feel like I taught them a good human character trait which is citizenship, how to be a good citizen and love nature, how we’re all heroes in our own way,” she said.

A student recorded the event on a cell phone video camera. Animal control eventually located the owner of the dog, who is now safe at home.


The full length version of the rescue video.

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