Caught on Camera: The Wrong Way to Surrender Animals

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The Walker County Humane Society recently released this troubling video. There is no shortage of news about pets being surrendered in these tough economic times, and it’s understandable that some feel the need to give up animals for their own good. That said, this is absolutely the wrong way to go about it. It’s just heartbreaking to see those pups trying to follow the only pack leader they’ve known as he abandons them. I’m sharing in the hope that someone will recognize the man in the video and offer him a very strong reminder that next time, a simple phone call in advance might have assured the safety of the dogs. Then again, in his case it’s best to hope there is never another time…

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43 thoughts on “Caught on Camera: The Wrong Way to Surrender Animals”

  1. That is heartless! How anyone can just drive away like that is beyond me. I think I would punch him right in the face if I ever saw him!

  2. That was not due to the economy. That was an idiot who can’t be bothered with spaying his dog. How heartbreaking for those dogs, I hope they find the idiot and charge him with something, even if its just littering and I hope those puppies have found homes.

  3. this guy needs to be put in jail for doing this to them pups and just leaving them there like that knowing they could follow him and almost hiting them come on someone has to know this guy there is a pic of him and his truck…SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THE COPS WHO THIS GUY IS.. WOULD YOU DROP OFF YOUR KIDS LIKE THAT??? I THINK NOT THEN WHY SHOULD THEM PUPS BE DROPED OFF???? PLEASE HELP CATCHING THIS GUY.


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