Jesse the JRT’s Amazing Dog Tricks

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A double feature worth bookmarking and returning to if you’re short on time. Heather Brook and her dog Jesse are a thrill to observe. The sheer number of commands that he’s mastered is seriously impressive, and you can tell by observing him that he can’t wait to get to his next task. He’s a busy, brilliant boy. Enjoy the show, and check out his website if you have time.


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15 thoughts on “Jesse the JRT’s Amazing Dog Tricks”

  1. This is without a doubt the cutest, smartest dog I have ever seen! He is a joy to watch!! <3 Jesse<3 Penny says she is in love! <3

  2. I if Heather Brook did the training and I think she did. Even if she had help from a co-trainer Jessie is totally devoted. Spirit like that is hard to find in mast dogs. I have had many dogs in my 64 years, even did a lot of breeding for certain qualities in my Shepard’s. But I could count on one hand the number of dogs I’ve had with that devotion, spirit, and drive.


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