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CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Two Daring Rescues in Sarasota, Florida

by Fred

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Two incredible rescued took place this past Saturday in Sarasota, Florida.  One dog had been trapped under a car that was in heavy traffic, the other was stuck in a storm drain.  Both rescues by law enforcement officials were caught on tape, and the rescues are pretty awesome.

At around noon on Saturday, traffic came to a near standstill on the US 301 at Fruitville Road.  Somehow a small dog managed to get himself wedged underneath a vehicle.  Running scared from something, the little dog took shelter under a car that wasn’t moving very fast.  Thankfully, the driver noticed the dog and stopped.  That allowed the police to grab the dog and get him to safety.

Sarasota Police Department spokesperson Genevieve Judge said, ““Our officers are ready to respond to anything, whether it be human or animal.  Sarasota police officers do amazing things every day.  Unfortunately, not everyone gets to see that that, but we’re thankful that this video is getting out there just to share just a snippet of what our officers do every day.”



Not far from that very same spot on US 301 near Fruitville Road earlier that day, a passerby noticed something strange in the storm drain that was on the side of the road.  Stuck in the drain, trapped underneath a heavy, iron drain cover was a stray dog.  The good Samaritan called the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department, and they sent a couple of police officers and Kristen Little with animal services to help get her out.

Kristen Little said, “The dog was moving through the storm drains, and it was quite difficult to see where she was and how to best get her out. It is unusual for a dog to be in a storm drain, but being that she was probably looking for a place to hide, it probably suited her to run in there.”

It took a little while, and traffic on that busy stretch of road rarely lets up.  However the rescuers would not be deterred, and did eventually rescue the dog from the drain.  She was taken to a local shelter, and aside from being very hungry, she seems to be in decent health.  She didn’t have any form of identification on her, but animal services is looking for a family she may belong with.  If one does not come forward, she will be put up for adoption.