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Celebrities Interviewed By Their Pets

by Fred

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As a bit of a fun twist on your typical “celebrity interview,” People Magazine had several famous people conduct an interview, but done from a perspective of their pets asking the human the questions.  This, as one can imagine, provided some interesting moments, and a look into a side of celebrities we may not always get to see.

No matter if it’s just some silliness, or a whole lot of love, one thing will always be a common denominator between us “regular people” and the Hollywood stars.  We all love our furry family members, no matter what may come.


Eva Longoria is interviews by Jinxy:

4.25.15 - interview 1



4.25.15 - interview 2


4.25.15 - interview 3



Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is interviewed by her horse, Thor:

4.25.15 - interview 4


4.25.15 - interview 5



4.25.15 - interview 6


Elisha Cuthbert’s dog tries pulling a fast one:

4.25.15 - interview 7



As can often be expected of a cat, Lea Michele’s cat, Sheila, was just not going to cooperate.

4.25.15 - interview 8

But Lea did give some pretty big news:

4.25.15 - interview 9