Cesar Millan: The Q TV Interview

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Host of the hit TV series The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan sits down with CBC Q host Jian Ghomeshi to talk about his techniques with dogs in one of the better interviews of him that you’ll see. This is lengthy and in-depth, so you may need to bookmark and return, but if you’re a fan of his you’ll love it. Detractors will also appreciate that Ghomeshi is not afraid to ask some pretty tough questions.

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8 thoughts on “Cesar Millan: The Q TV Interview”

  1. Great interview! All I’ve learned about Cesar Milan is through his TV show, his books and various interviews he’s given. I cannot see the downside of his methods, yet I hear many people talking about his cruelty and improper training methods. I’ve yet to hear or see any concrete evidence of this. Please, if you’re going to criticize his methods and accuse him of cruelty, provide information we can follow up on. I never want to stand behind someone who is harming a dog – or any animal for that matter. Until then I’ll have to assume it’s sour grapes from other “professionals” or those who just need to justify spoiling their own dog without thought to the dog’s needs.

  2. All my suport for Cesar Millan! He is really the best person for dogs in the world! he is the best!

    He´s tecniquest are about trust and relax the dogs, they are not about hurting any animal. Who ever said that is because doesn´t know his job and did not understand Cesar ideas. I am a groomer and I apply his tecniques for grooming dogs and make them trust me and relax everyday when working and it works!, also works with the dogs that I help in the shelter and also it works with my dogs that are relax, happy and enjoying life like dogs everyday with long walks and expending a lot of healty time with me as a family. Everybody always ask why my dogs are so nice! It is Cesar´s way!

    Cesar is not a native English Speaker like me, it is very dificult to talk fluent a language that it is not your mother language, that takes years! The concept of “dominace” it means “guidance” for the dog, you understand that at the moment you read all his job and apply his tecniques. He just try to act like the mother of the puppy or like a pack of dogs that are free and he is the “dog” that the rest of dogs love and repect because of his knologe, experience and trust! That´s the real concept of this method!

    Tell Cesar that he is abusing of dogs it is really VERY INJUSTICE! He is really a dog lover! In this world it is more that one way to do things right! To grow up and learn alwasy more in a profession you have to be open mind! He nerver sacrifice any dog, it there is not way to rehabilitated a animal he have a shelter area at home to bring the dog and take care, other people will kill that dog if their methods didn´t work! Cesar also is healping so many Shelters and assotiations for protection of avandone and abused animals arround the world! Cesar sometimes immovilize a extressful dog don´t letting him move till relax, but NEVER HURT the dog! This is the equivalent of sending a child that crys to sit down in a chair till stop having that bad maners and relax, in my opinion that is educating the person to mature, it is not maltreement to the boy, right? so the same for the dog! Positive trainings are also good in some situations, any way not always work, but everything can be used together at the proper time…if dogs are having a good anwser to Cesar metods or to any metods, why do not learn everything and try to find a better way using everything together ? This is about helping animals, it is not about destroying metods of others or say who´s the best here….that doesn´t make it you look professional!


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